OLXA i-Advertising

Smart Classified i-Ads with the ability to share profits from the Paid to Click, Paid to See and Paid to Visit.

OLXA launched the 1st i-Advertising Platform with Profit Sharing called “AdMyCash” at https://www.AdMyCash.com

AdMyCash offers the Opportunity for everyone to Shorten Links and Get Paid in Cryptocurrency through the decentralized Blockchain Technology.

OLXA and AdMyCash are gathering Publishers that owns a Website or Blog or Page with placement for ads or even have followers that follow them on different kinds of social media, and those powerful publishers and normally shorten any links to post on social media to get paid from OLXA AdMyCash Projects.

You as an Advertiser for your ICO or Business News or Articles or Blockchain Tech or even Tech Invention or Crypto Exchange that you can easily advertise on their shorten link redirecting page through your banners or text ads where so many people interested in Cryptos might react by clicking or just checking and searching your ico name to follow.

And You will never pay higher than the results you get according to the faith i-ads system that our OLXA Dev Team have placed to follow the clicks and tracking according to your budget

as well as keeping the publishers positive and satisfied with the amount of CryptoCurrency Profit they make according to the amount of views and clicks and even distributed according to the country of visitors coming in through blockchain faith bidding system that you can easily check on our website https://www.AdMyCash.com

OLXA reveals a clear desire to embrace the cryptocurrency market with stability and credibility as a fundamental element of its growth and user focus strategies.

OLXA ERC20 Details

Token Name: OLXA
Token Symbol: OLXA
Decimals: 2
Contract Address: more info

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